A.C.K. Emmanuel Parish in Kibera

A.C.K Emmanuel Parish is one of the parishes in All Saints Cathedral Diocese. The parish is situated in Kibera; one of the largest slums in Africa with a population of about 1million people. In deed Emmanuel church boarders the dam which is fed by the streams running a cross Kibera. These streams are feed with sewerage water and other waste products from within the informal settlement of Kibera.

Emmanuel A.C.K became a sub parish in the year 2006 having been under St. Luke’s parish. It is a parish made up of three congregations namely; A.C.K Emmanuel Siranga which has a population of a bout 117 registered members, St. Mary A.C.K Mashimoni having over 100 members and St. Salome – the youngest with 15 members. An average giving per Sunday in the parish is Kshs 4000. Majority of the members come from the three main tribes in Kenya; Luo, Kikuyu and Luyiah and other tribes are the minority. Youths and young adults form the largest percentage followed closely by single parents.

Apart from high economic difficulties and HIV AID’s there are also challenges such us single parenthood and high poverty levels with many surviving on at most one meal per day. Those who are lucky to get jobs are either serving as casual labourers at industrial area or working as watchmen/house helps in the affluent societies around and within the city. The other available source of income here is small scale business, this are things like selling vegetables and running small retail shops with few youths operating barber shops and video shows.

In Emmanuel parish we are committed not only in preaching the gospel; we also include social activities as part of our preaching (outreach) ministry. We have several programmes in church focusing on social transformations and spiritual liberation to enhance holistic development.


  • Clinic
  • School
  • Library
  • Poultry
  • Beads and card work
  • Women micro-finance


The Rev. Alice Otieno Odera


  • Sunday school from 8am to9am
  • Youth service (English) from 9am to10:30am
  • Main service (Kiswahili) from 10:30am to12:30pm

PCC Members

emmanuel siranga


  • Choir practice; Wednesday and Saturday-evenings
  • Youth Bible Study; Wednesday evening
  • Ushirika wa wamama; Sunday afternoon
  • Home fellowships; Every Saturday evening
  • Baptism service; Twice every month
  • Confimation service; once every year
  • Weddings/solemnizing of marriages; as need arises
  • Youth discipleship; Twice every month

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