Diocesan Youth Ministry


The All Saints Cathedral Diocese has up to 13 parishes with 18 local churches, which have both active and inactive youth ministries whose activities are overseen by the Board of Mission under the KAYO (Kenya Anglican Youth organization) department.   
In the year 2009 for instance, the Diocesan Youth Department was projected to create strong and vibrant youth groups at the local church level.

Also, In the year 2010 the Diocesan Youth Department aimed at creating strong and vibrant youth groups at the deanery level with an emphasis of effective youth outreach and maximizing on potential amongst the youth.

The Diocesan Youth Department is currently run by a committee that comprises of:

  • Diocesan Youth Chairman (name)
  • Diocesan Youth Treasurer (Name)
  • Diocesan Youth Organizer(Name)
  • Ass. Diocesan Secretary (Name)
  • All Saints Deanery Rep (Name)
  • Holy Trinity Deanery Rep (Name)
  • St. Francis Deanery Rep (Name)
  • St. Luke’s Deanery Rep (Name)

You will find the Youth Ministry ongoing in the following congregations within the All Saints Cathedral Diocese (Sunday service time):

  • All Saints Cathedral (9:30am/11:30am)
  • Christ Church Westlands (9am/11am)
  • St. Joseph’s Church Kabete (7am)
  • St. Francis Church Karen (11am)
  • Church of Christ the King Ngando (8am)
  • St. Thomas Church Dagorretti (8am)
  • St. Mary’s church Kikoshep (8am)
  • Holy Trinity Church Kibera (8am)
  • St. Jerome church Gatwikira (8am)
  • Emmanuel Church Siranga (8am)
  • St. Luke’s Church Kenyatta (8am)
  • St. Augustine Church Madaraka (9:30am)

We welcome you to be apart of the Anglican Youth Family within The All Saints Cathedral Diocese.

God bless you.

Head of Department

  • Rev. Capt. Livingstone Nyanje
    Diocesan Youth and T.E.E. (Theological Education by Extension) Coordinator

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