Children Ministry

Departmental Objectives
All children workers are to unite and work together in fellowship to achieve one goal - EMPOWERing the children educationally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Diocesan activities include:

  • Organizing seminars for the children ministry workers
  • Producing teaching manuals
  • Organizing sports activities for the children 4.Organizing fellowships with the children workers
  • Organizing drama festivals
  • Organizing music festival
  • Organizing conferences for the children workers.
  • Visiting parishes to encourage both children and teachers to serve God faithfully
  • Supporting parents in the event of the loss of a child.
  • Teaching Sunday school programmes

The department ministers to over 2,000 children in 13 parishes and we especially aspire to revive the Brigade activity which emphasizes on child discipline. Children put into practice what they have to learned and exercise their gifts and talents. These programmes help the children develop spiritually, physically, educationally and emotionally.

We are therefore looking for funds to develop this department to enhance the growth of a child and train brigade officers. We wish to appeal to all well wishes especially those with a passion to develop a child to contact us in the area you would like to assist.

Head of Department

  • -
    Diocesan Children Coordinator (Sunday School, Boys and Girls Brigade)

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