Kenya Anglican Men Association (KAMA)

Provincial  KAMA
The first meeting of KAMA in the Province was convened on Wednesday 14th June, 2000.

This was in the Bishops Boardroom at the ACK Garden House headquarters Nairobi,in which fourteen out of twenty eight dioceses then were represented.

It was realized that as early as 1985, a number of Dioceses had a form of Diocesan Men’s Associations, which existed under names such as Fathers Union or Men’s Association.

Such associations did not have any coordination at the Provincial level like the Mothers’ Union (MU).

A number of meetings were held in 2000 and 2001 at the Provincial level to establish the Provincial KAMA and formulate the constitution to manage it.

The Provincial KAMA received the recognition and blessing of the Provincial Synod in July 2001. By that time, nearly every Diocese had established KAMA.

All Saints Cathedral Diocesan KAMA
The Diocese of All Saints Cathedral was created after the sub division of the Diocese of Nairobi on 1st September, 2002.

After the creation of All Saints Cathedral Diocese, a meeting was held on 16th October, 2002. This was to establish and put in place the mechanism to run the association and elect the Interim Diocesan executive committee.

Mr. Fredrick Kimathi was appointed the Interim diocesan KAMA coordinator. Work started by recruiting new members to join KAMA and on 27th September 2003. The first commissioning and inauguration was done at St. Francis Karen by the Archbishop of Kenya and Bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese then the Most Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi.

Since then, each parish in our Diocese has a very active KAMA.

Our present Archbishop and Bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese the Most Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala is doing what it takes to encourage and motivate our Diocesan KAMA.

The Diocese adopted the St. Peter’s day the 29th June, as the Annual KAMA day.

The week that the St. Peter’s day falls into becomes the KAMA week culminating with a climax on the Sunday of the same week.

During the KAMA Sunday, all activities in the church are done by the KAMA members.
KAMA members are involved in the physical and spiritual development of their families, parishes, congregations and diocese together with other Christians.

The Ten Aims and Objectives of KAMA
The following ten aims and objectives help the KAMA members to fulfill their obligation:-

1. To promote God’s Kingdom and to set forth His glory.
2. To help its members to grow in spirit, mind and body, and be natured in faith for every good work.
3. To encourage members to play an active role in the mission of the church.
4. To promote Christian principals in national, civic and community life.
5. To encourage members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantaged and the disabled.
6. To encourage members to use the gifts God has given them as good stewards of God’s varied grace.
7. To encourage members to use their resources in supporting the work of the church at all levels.
8. To encourage Anglican lay men and women to play positive roles as Christians in political, social and economic life of the nation.
9. To honor the institution of marriage as ordained by God and to promote Christian family values.
10. To promote Christian fellowship, love and unity in the Church and society, and to promote spiritual enthusiasm among members.

Head of Department

  • Rev. Dominic Wachira
    Diocesan Kenya Anglican Men Association Co-coordinator

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