St. Jerome Parish, Gatwikira

St. Jerome parish began her work as a parish in 2004, with Rev. Richard Mayabi as the first vicar. In 2008 the mantle was taken by the Rev. James Ochieng Chwiri.

In the year 2010 the mantle was given to me. (The Rev Paul M. Inuvu) I met quite a good number of activities to the community and I am continuing with the good work of serving the community and also add value to what I have found. St. Jerome parish is the 1st parish to be situated right inside Kibera slums. Our slogan is “We are where the people are”!

St. Jerome parish Kibera comprises: St. Jerome church Gatwekera, St. Andrew church Kianda, St. Philip church quarry and St. Anne church lindi. The parish has a registered attendance of 600 people in all the 4 churches.

There are 4 ordained clergy and 18 lay readers

The Following Are The Services We Offer.

St. Jerome church 4 services, St Andrews 4 services, St. Philips 3 services, St Anne 3 services.
We have Sunday school classes in all churches youth service at St Andrew kianda and English and Kiswahili service in all the churches. In total we offer 14 services every Sunday. Choirs and zone fellowships on Saturdays

We have 10 students doing Theological Education by Extension (TEE) classes and 5 doing Certificate of Christian Religious Studies (CCRS) for lay readers/adult teaching.
We have Catechism classes for young & adults who are being prepared for confirmation   

Social economic activities:
About 100 students attend home work club for both secondary and primary students every day of the week in the evening.

We have Library services with about 1000 books both secondary and primary course books.
Dress making school for school drop outs and particular those from poor backgrounds.
Short courses are also supported by our partners through our parish.
Five social self help groups are active and are supported by Centre for Urban Mission (CUM) through our parish.

At St. Andrew, a nursery school with 80 children from poor background and are supported by the church.
At St Philips we have begun a nursery school this year with 12 children from poor background.

Impact made to the community
Dress making school with 12 students from very poor background
Home work club with about 100 students every evening
Library with about 1000 books for both secondary and primary students
Social self help groups with 60 people having saving and credit facility

6 social workers/caretakers
2 watchmen
5 ECD Teachers


The Rev. James Kimari


We are where the people are

St. Jerome Gatwikira - Ministers


The Rev. James Ochieng'

PCC Members

st jerome gatwikira

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