Board of Communication

Purpose Of Board Of Communication

The purpose of the Board is to inform and educate the Christians in the Diocese on achievements, present activities and future plans so that all believers are well informed about the life of the church within the Diocese. It also promotes music and drama as a way of communicating the gospel throughout the Diocese.

Committees under the Board of Communication

  1. Print media committee
  2. Electronic media committee
  3. Public relations committee
  4. Drama and Music committee



Encourage talented people to write books in promotion of Christian faith.

Study of the Word of God

Promote the study of the Bible by individual Christians and groups using appropriate materials.


Liaise with the already established electronic media networks so as to see how best to make use of their establishments for the promotion of the gospel and train on the use of other media.

Creative Communication

Promote communication of the gospel by organizing drama festivals at all Diocesan levels; as well as encourage use of drama in church during Sunday service and other worship times.

Board Members


Diocesan Board of Communication Chair

Rev'd Izza Kalle

Priest and Diocesan Board of Communication member

Mr Ismael Omol

Diocesan Board of Communication member

Ms. Beatrice Njeru

Diocesan Board of Communication member

Ms. Anne Kimani

Diocesan Board of Communication member

Ms. Vivian Ritho

Staff and Diocesan Board of Communication secretary

Ms. Gakenia Kagucia

Diocesan Board of Communication member





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