Theological Education By Extension (TEE)

Head of Department

Rev. Capt. Livingstone Nyanje Diocesan Youth and T.E.E. (Theological Education by Extension) Coordinator

The Theological Education by Extension department is run by the Diocesan Board of Theological Education and Training that reports to the Diocesan Synod. The day to day running of the TEE program is coordinated by the Diocesan TEE committee with a full time Diocesan TEE Coordinator. The TEE Programme is divided in three levels as follows:

  1. The Parish level- this involves the individual taking part in studying a single book in a given term (three books in a year).  The individual student at the parish level is awarded a certificate for each book studied.
  2. The Diocesan level – this involves progressive certification where the student is expected to finish at least nine TEE study books (approximately 3 yrs of study) upon which one is awarded a certificate signed by the Diocesan Bishop (who is also the Archbishop of the whole of Kenya)
  3. The Certificate Level/ Certificate in Christian Religious Studies. This is the level that is run in conjunction with Carlile College, Nairobi. Here the student engages in a 3 year self study program in religious studies and a certificate is awarded thereafter by the College.
Program Objectives

The Program Objectives set from the year 2008 by the Diocesan TEE department helped set direction and focus in the department.

These are:-

  1. To enhance Bible knowledge amongst individual members in all congregations within the All Saints Diocese.
  2. To have efficient and competent coordinators in every local church who will take the TEE program to the next level.
  3. To create a positive attitude towards the TEE program embraced by all.
  4. To encourage the establishment of TEE programs in Local Churches that do not currently have them and strengthening programs already in existence.
  5. To establish an effective TEE office that will sufficiently help in running the TEE classes in the local churches
TEE Steps
The following are the steps that the Parish TEE Coordinator should follow as they run the TEE study in a given term:
  • TEE is a 10 week Study of different Bible Doctrines in the Bible and is a tool for encouraging Holy Christian living. This is usually done within the normal Kenyan school terms of (Jan-March); (May-July); (Sept-Nov). However flexibility is allowed for parishes or groups that wish to adopt their own timing to suit their contexts.
  • The course is based on small groups of around 12-15 people. This is to facilitate relationship building, openness and constructive discussions on issues at hand.
  • The Parish TEE Coordinator, together with the Parish leadership is to identify particular needs in their own context and see which TEE book best addresses their needs.
  • The Parish TEE Coordinator acquires a study book(s) at the Diocesan Office through the Diocesan TEE Coordinator. Additional material given together with the study book(s): –
  • Attendance sheet
  • Weekly Discussion Guide
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Final Exam (optional).
  • The parish TEE Coordinator ensures smooth running of the 10 weeks study program in the parish by facilitating the weekly meeting and ensuring that each student/disciple is in attendance, does the weekly quizzes, fully participates in the class discussions and sits for the final exam (optional).
  • After each student/disciple sits for the Final Exam the Parish TEE coordinator is required to return the exam papers to the Diocesan TEE Coordinator for marking and certification.
  • Each TEE student/ Disciple will receive a TEE Certificate upon successful completion (50% of Final Exam) of the 10 weeks course and a parish certificate of participation for those who opted not to sit for the final exam.





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